Pond’s Edge Studios

Ponds Edge Studios - Judy LaubJudy Laub is a brilliant metalsmith here in Bellingham. I recently had the honor of creating a website for her studio, Ponds Edge Studios, www.pondsedgestudios.com. Working with someone whose work is so stunning makes my job easy.

Judy makes fine jewelry and other wearable works of art, as well as repousse handcrafted items for display. More on repousse in a bit.

Judy incorporates natural materials into her jewelry and metalwork, including shells, wood, fossils, and metal. Each piece is handcrafted, and truly a wearable work of art.

Judy Laub - Pond's Edge StudiosHer new medium, repousse, is a method that goes back for centuries. French for “push out”, repousse involves working with both sides of a piece of metal to create relief, and then finishing the outer side to create a final artistic expression. She can explain it better than I can. Better yet, look at the repousse page to see how it’s done.

Her photographs are magical (she takes them all herself). See them for yourself on her website. It was truly fun to work with her.

Floating Lantern Pet Memorial Ceremony

Life Cycle Pet CremationLife Cycle Pet Cremation recently organized a Floating Lantern Pet Memorial ceremony. The ceremony gave pet owners a healing way to remember their special companions. Each pet owner decorated a lantern with personal memories of their pet, and then set their lantern out to float in the lake.

Taking place at dusk, the site of all the lanterns together was a moving reminder of the bonds between our beloved companions and ourselves.

Life Cycle Pet Cremation is a pet-only funeral home offering customized cremation services in Whatcom County. In addition to actual cremations, Life Cycle offers a wide range of products and services designed to help pet owners honor the loss of their beloved pets. Life Cycle’s owner, Bobbie Ruth Langley, is one of the most compassionate people I know. Her compassion eases the process of letting go of one’s dearest friend.

Photo by Diane Padys Photography.

A boost from Neighborhood Mortgage

Neighborhood Mortgage, Bellingham, WANeighborhood Mortgage here in Bellingham has a strong tradition of supporting local businesses in Whatcom County. In June of 2016, Benn Design was the featured local business on their Facebook page. I was pretty thrilled! See what they had to say.

Babcock and Miles

Babcock and Miles - Red Lodge, MTIf you’re in Montana and your recipe calls for fresh truffles or squid ink you’re in luck. Head to Red Lodge where you’ll find Babcock and Miles, an emporium (there’s no other way to describe it) that you can trust to take care of all your gourmet food and beverage needs. From artisan cheeses to fine wines to caviar, you’ll find offbeat and newly indispensable ingredients and products to whip up an unbelievable meal. All within a store you can ski to.

I created the original website for Babcock and Miles when they opened in 2008. Eight years is an eternity on the web, and the owners knew they were overdue for a redesign. I was pretty stoked about taking on the project and giving them a new look.

Babcock and Miles - Gourmet food in Red Lodge, MTThe no brainer was that it would be a WordPress site. Now that it’s come together they can post blogs and update the content themselves. And the site looks good on mobile devices, so if you’re on a chairlift and remember that you need champagne for your evening meal, you’re good to go.

Take a peek at www.babcockandmiles.com and get cooking!